Hint is a French rock fusion band, formed by Arnaud Fournier (La Phaze – guitar, trumpet, saxophones, vocals) and Hervé Thomas (Fragile, Dead Hollywood Stars – guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming) in 1993 in Angers. Hint played their first gig in April 1994, 30 years ago already, but time seems to have had little effect on the band, as they alternate periods of concerts with periods of sleep, as the mood takes them. Influenced as much by alternative rock as by experimental jazz, imbued with noise or totally industrial, Hint produced music that was resolutely avant-garde and iconoclastic for its time. On the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, Hint is hitting the road again, just for the pleasure of getting together on stage, replaying its music outside the fashions and codes, and rediscovering the fervor of its audience. Will you be among the faithful, happy to see them again, or will you discover them as a legend we’ve heard so much about?