A Swiss duo whose music is a clever and brilliantly executed fusion of electronic dance music and vintage Krautrock (authentically sung in German), Klaus Johann Grobe is the brainchild of Sevi Landolt on keyboards and Daniel Bachmann on percussion. Seemingly uninterested in making lots of noise about themselves, Klaus Johaan Grobe made an inconspicuous debut in 2011 with some self-produced singles, and just barely expanded their profile with a 10″ vinyl EP released by the U.K. label Sound of Salvation. The EP appeared in an edition of only a few hundred copies, but it left a positive impression on critics and DJs, and the eclectic American indie label Trouble in Mind reissued the “Traumhaft” b/w “Nicht Zu Stoppen” single in the United States after its original pressing on the U.K. label Sunstone Records sold out. Before long, Klaus Johann Grobe became the talk of the blogosphere, and their first full-length album, Im Sinne Der Zeit, was scheduled for release in April 2014. -Mark Deming

Ne vous laissez pas tromper : Klaus Johann Grobe est bien un duo, et un qui n’a pas perdu de temps depuis sa formation en 2013. Ses tournées avec Temples ou Moon Duo puis une signature sur l’excellent label Trouble In Mind Records ont permis à la pop vintage teintée d’influences kraut, disco et soul, chantée dans la langue de Goethe de séduire un public grandissant.