Marietta is the new project of Guillaume Marietta after The Feeling Of Love.
First intimate album, recorded solo and hacked in a bedroom on a four tracks recorder. In 2014.
Ten raw, lysergic, melancholic songs, with folk, pop and psychedelic tones.
Mixed with Olivier Demeaux of the band Cheveu.

“Back to bedroom, to happy accidents and magic errors. I turn the tape. I record over Bob Dylan, Syd Barett and in Beck’s grave. I take out the drum machine, the flanger and the accoustic guitar. Caffeine, nicotine. Garbage bags under the eyes, where kids sing swinging. Anxiety of passing time. Pitched boy, reverse woman. Take it as a trip. A colony of ants through the bloodstream. A yoghurt pot burst on your hair. Baby whale cum against an obstructed sky. Effervescent, multicolored nails parings. Sun in your mouth. I play according to my own rules. I walk in the footsteps of my home. That’s how records catch fire.”

Guillaume Marietta débranche les guitares de The Feeling Of Love et se lance aujourd’hui en solo. Epaulé par Olivier Demeaux du groupe Cheveu pour l’enregistrement de son premier album, le Messin renoue avec la folie de Syd Barrett et les bricolages du early John Frusciante tout en gardant les Basement Tapes de Dylan dans un coin de son cerveau dérangé.