Having left Rendez Vous in January 2020 at La Cigale, the French quartet are back in March 2024 with “Sheer”, the first single from their new album Downcast, due for release in May: their concert at Levitation France therefore promises the discovery of new tracks! Returning to writing in an even more deleterious context than during the genesis of their LP Superior State which, after being produced by the band themselves, mixed in an old Leeds church refurbished as a studio and then mastered in New York, was released in 2018, the band radicalizes its work of transcribing the violence of the world, and sheds its synthetic finery to retain only a guitar armor on a steel skeleton. Freed from the codes of post-punk, peppered with glitch and digital distortion, “Sheer” sounds like a fight to the death between human and machine, two enemy brothers seeking to embrace as much as suffocate each other. Listening to this new Rendez Vous, the tension, sense of urgency and darkness of their cold-wave inspirations don’t seem to be missing a beat!