Sweeping Promises are Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug. A chance meeting in Arkansas led to a decade of playing in an eclectic assortment of projects together. Bass playing Lira is an emotive bolt of thunderous energy with the iconic blast of a girl group rolled into one robust throat. Caufield is an intentional guitar player and drummer. No note or hit is extraneous. Controlling every aspect of their craft, from the first note they write together, all the way through to the final mastering process, each record is an unspoiled fingerprint unique to their dynamic chemistry. Written before the pandemic, Hunger for a Way Out was released in the summer of 2020, and then, the pandemic went on to trigger an absurd chain of events: under financial strain, Mondal and Schnug uprooted their lives,  surrendered their studio in Cambridge (MA) to take refuge with family in Texas, completed over 50 demos between their Austin bathroom and a Marfa abode, but unsatisfied, they sought another fresh start. When a disused church in Ohio proved too difficult to rehab, they ultimately found lasting inspiration in Kansas. With their home and studio all under one roof, life is music and music is life. In 2023, they returned with a new message: Good Living Is Coming For You, and, after an attempt in 2022, they’ll finally be joining the Levitation France stage this year!