Upchuck is a five piece band from Atlanta, formed from connections made in skateboarding, construction, and teenage delinquency. Shortly after the release of their debut album Sense Yourself (2021), Upchuck absconded to Southern California to record Bite the Hand That Feeds, enlisting the production talents of Ty Segall and the airy reprieve of his secluded Topanga Canyon home studio. Upchuck credits Segall, who recorded the entire record live to tape over the span of five days, with helping to elevate the arrangements of their second record to bold new heights -fans of Segall will undoubtedly recognize the shadow of his creative touch commanding: layered drum polyrhythms, tasteful use of oddball effects, and fuzzed out, every-guitar-pushed-into-the-red ethos. All the same, final credit for Upchuck’s evolution must be paid to the band itself: it was forged in the fire of these live shows, speaking directly to the power of their in-person presence: these are songs meant to be heard pressed up against a barricade, blasted through dimed guitar amps placed so close to your ears that you can practically reach out and touch them.