White Hills

White Hills is a rock band with a sound blending psychedelic rock and stoner rock, based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. On its three main websites, the band describes its music as “Fuzzed out motorik spacerock.”

White Hills’ core members are guitarist Dave W. and bassist Ego Sensation. Dave W. is the primary singer, but Ego Sensation also contributes vocals, and sings lead on some songs. Many of their songs are long instrumental pieces. Dave W. played every instrument himself on White Hills’ debut album. Current and previous auxiliary (recording / touring) members include: Antronhy (drums, various instruments), Nick Name (drums), Bob Bellomo (drums), Daved Pankenier, Kid Millions, Shazzula, and Pierre Auntour.

The band is known for its prolific output, releasing recordings on many independent labels, often on vinyl only. They have released several split recordings with the U.K. band Gnod. White Hills’ live shows feature dramatic lighting and the usage of a fog machine. They have shared stages with bands such as MONO, The Flaming Lips, Sleepy Sun, Cloudland Canyon, Mudhoney, Akron/Family, Monster Magnet, Oneida, Pontiak, and The Cult.

Découvert par Julian Cope, pape du kraut rock, le duo White Hills s’était fixé comme but initial de faire renaître le space rock de ses cendres. Après quelques sorties sur le parfait label Thrill Jockey, White Hills peut se targuer d’avoir redonné classe et sauvagerie au rock new yorkais. Adoubé désormais par Jim Jarmusch qui les a fait se produire dans son dernier film, White Hills est un condensé de la classe et de la folie qui ne devraient jamais quitter les disques de rock’n roll.


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