Cashless will be the only payment system on the festival. You can sign up and add value to your account in advance here. If you have additional questions please visit the FAQ below.


Cashless is a contactless payment system. It will facilitate your shopping during the event (drinks, meals, merchandising)

How It Works

Step 1 Register a secure cashless account online on using your ticket barcode.  

Step 2 Add the amount of money that you want to charge in your account (10€ for the first charge). It takes less than 2 minutes and you’ll be ready for the event.

Step 3 When you will go to the event you will exchange your electronic ticket with a wristband or card that include your preloaded money. You can skip straight to Step 5! 

Step 4 If you haven’t sorted your online account before the event, no problem ! Just come back to this page and create an account OR go to the queue at the dedicated event bank and add funds to your wristband / card. 

Step 5 Order your consumptions, tap your wristband and enjoy !

Step 6 If you still have money on your wristband after the event (more than 0,50€), you can make a refund request on your online account (from September 23 to October 8). If you didn’t create one, you will have to do it in order to refund the money.


Do I have to register?

No … But we highly advise it ! Indeed, this will allow you to:
–       Check expenses history
–       Refill your account at any time on the website.

If you don’t want to register, you can charge your wristband/card at the event bank.

What happens if I lose my cashless wristband/card ?

As your account is linked to your wristband/card, you can block it by visiting the information point on the event area. You can get for free a new wristband/card which will be credited to the balance of the chip you have blocked.

Unfortunately, if you did not create an account, blocking your wristband/card is impossible.

Is my cashless wristband/card free?

When you topped-up your cashless wristband/card for the first time (creating an account online or directly into the top-up « bank » during the event), 1€ is taken for the wristband/card activation.


If you credit your chip with € 20, the actual balance on your present wristband will be € 19 .

NOTE : The activation fee is only charged for the first topped-up. All topped-up are free.

How to recover the balance of my cashless wristband after the event ?

If there is money left on your wristband after the festival (+€ 0,50), you will have one week to make your refund request on your online account. 

This will be done by credit card only.

If you haven’t created an online account before, you can do it using the 6 letters code inscribed on the back of your cashless wristband/card.



You have created a Cashless account: To ask your money back, you have to connect to your account via the festival website and press the button « Reimbursement ». Your bank account will be credited at the end of the month.

You did not create a Cashless account: In order to reclaim your balance, you must create a Cashless account. It’s quick and easy: visit the event website, and go to Cashless section. From there you create your Cashless account by filling your first name, your name, email, a password, the code that is on the back of your cashless wristband/card and your Bank credit card information. Once logged into your account, click the « Reimbursement » button. Your bank account will be credited before the end of the month.



Le Quai is a multi stage event space in the heart of the city, overlooking the Maine River, across from the Château d’Angers.

The venue is a public art space opened in 2007. Each season offers around 60 different shows and 200 performances, plus exhibitions and events held in its multiple spaces.

Levitation France will use two stages at Le Quai. The festival will transform the space with a stage in the main Forum, art and video installations, incredible live performances, along with food and artisan vendors from Angers and beyond.



Angers is a city located about 300 kilometres southwest of Paris on the banks of the Maine River. It is an important cultural centre thanks to its universities, museums… With a rich historical past, the city is famous for its stunning cathedral overlooking the city and its castle of the Dukes of Anjou which houses The Apocalypse Tapestry. Angers is also known for its gastronomy with many local specialities and for its wine, the city being located in the heart of the Anjou wine region.We encourage attendees to explore the city before the show begins.

The festival is part of the twin cities exchanges between Angers and Austin, TX.


Paris : 3h via the A11 motorway
Nantes : 1h via the A11 motorway
Tours : 1h25 via the A85 motorway

Nearest airports are located in Paris (Roissy-CDG and Orly), Nantes and Tours.

SNCF station Angers Saint-Laud is a 20 minutes walk from Le Quai
Paris intramural to Angers: 1h30 by direct TGV
Paris Roissy-CDG Airport to Angers: 2h30 by direct TGV

The bus station is located next to the SNCF station, a 20 minute walk from Le Quai, with many French and European connections:

A wide choice of hotels, campsites, guest rooms are available in and around the city center of Angers:

Cameras & Direction: Rod Maurice
Soundtrack: “11” (album “Laurent”) by It It Anita

Cameras & Direction: Jack Layfield
Soundtrack: “Tombes Oubliées” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre



LEVITATION FRANCE is a partnership between French producers Radical Production, So What?!, and The Reverberation Appreciation Society.  Together we work with partners from France and beyond to bring LEVITATION to France.

LEVITATION FRANCE receives financial support fromthe Ville d’Angers, the Région Pays de la Loire, the CNV and Sacem.

Thanks our partners for their support of LEVITATION FRANCE.